Where Can You Buy HID Bulbs? Learn 6 Possible Avenues!

Your need for HID bulbs can be varied. Maybe you need them for new lights and electronics you’ve bought. Maybe you need them to replace older HID bulbs. Perhaps you’re upgrading older bulbs to HID technology. Maybe you’re even making something new and wanting to use HID bulbs in your creation.

Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn 6 possibilities you can check out :

1) Brick and mortar chain stores:

HID bulbs are certainly exciting pieces of new technology, and if you’re among the enthusiasts that have adopted them, you know why they’re so great. However, you’re also on the forefront of the marketplace in terms of consumer demand. There’s just not that many big box stores carrying them on their shelves yet. You can certainly start your search around your community in such stores, but don’t expect to find anything. Even if you do, the selection is likely to be quite limited.

2) Specialty stores:

It’s better to try and find specialty stores that might emphasize lighting and/or electronics for their product lines, as they are more likely to carry such pieces. In some cities, stores that focus on batteries primarily are the only ones that turn up in a Google search as having any HID bulbs available for sale to their consumers.

3) Craigslist:

Sometimes your best bet at finding HID bulbs is looking for hardware that someone no longer has any use for, in terms of either used goods or just parts they no longer want or need and are trying to sell off. Sometimes, you’ll even get lucky and find HID bulbs in the freebies section.

4) Amazon and eBay:

The used consumer goods market and specialty markets are both covered quite thoroughly by both these sites, so when you need something that’s such a narrow niche such as these, visit either site to look at the wealth of offerings available. Just make sure you know if you’re buying new, refurbished, or used. Also, consider the availability of a warranty or warranty transfer when you buy like this. Keep in mind shipping and packaging too, as you don’t want your HID bulbs breaking in transit to you. Know how you will be Finding A 2017 F150 Headlight Bulb Replacement

5) E-commerce sites:

Some manufacturers or distributors sell straight through their own websites. This is likely the best way to find a combination of broad selection, all new parts with thorough warranties, robust packing and shipping, and the lowest prices.

6) Manufacturer catalogs or sales numbers:

Every once in a while, you might need specific HID bulbs that aren’t available anywhere else you’ve looked for what you want. In such cases, you might need to just call manufacturers directly at their toll-free numbers or go through their paper catalogs to order what you need.

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