Zipcar Tampa

According to Tampa Company, they are redefining the way people perceive about transportation. A small car-sharing company grew into a world’s leading car-sharing network. Car-sharing is considered a simple concept but with greater impact on the environmental situation and climate change we are facing today. This is a sustainable solution for fewer cars, lesser congestion, and lesser pollution.

Zipcar Mission

They aim to enable a simple and responsible urban living, they envision a future of a self-service Zipcar. One of their strategies would be a requisite part of the planning for all college campuses, urban, residential, and commercial developments and city planning agencies. With their core values upheld, they build trust and confidence among their members and staff to deliver an excellent service.

Zipcars can be found around your city or at the airports. Reserve by the hour or day, it can suffice your needs of the day. A hatchback for errands? A van for deliveries? A sleek car for your business meetings? Drivers on the account can choose the car they want for the time they need.

Zipcar offers a wide variation of vehicles, from a hybrid car to luxury, sedan, van, and trucks. With their premium or hourly vehicle rates, gas, insurance, 180 miles per day, a discounted weekday rates only for regular weekend rates and a stellar first impression.

Still a student? Don’t worry! Zipcar offers university benefits. As Zipcar goes to college it offers a sustainable alternative transportation solution that can reduce the carbon footprint, a flexible program for the faculty and staff, a turnkey program that includes everything you need, from gas to insurance. This reduces the demand for on-campus parking thus it alleviates car congestion inside the campus. A simple online application and approval process is needed.

How does Zipcar work?

  • To join, fill up the online application. Once approved, a Zipcard will be sent to you to access Zipcar vehicles worldwide.
  • Reserve for the vehicle of your choice. Book the Zipcar for as little as an hour before or as long as 7 days before.
  • Unlock the vehicle by tapping the Zipcard. Hold your Zipcard to the car’s windshield to unlock the vehicle.
  • Drive the car. Hit the road. When your business is done, park the car in its reserved spot and use the Zipcard or the application to lock up.

There are a few things listed that are prohibited for Zipcar uses:

  • Driving Tests
  • Racing
  • Towing, pushing, or propelling any trailer or any other vehicle
  • Using the Zipcar as a taxi service
  • Driving the Zipcar from the US to Mexico or any Zipcar in Mexico
  • Use of snow or tire chains
  • Carrying or transporting any illegal, hazardous, toxic, flammable or dangerous materials with the Zipcar.

Check the Zipcar rates in Tampa, Florida

  • Occasional driving goes $10.25 per hour and $74 per day with no monthly commitment, with an annual fee of $74.
  • Monthly driving plan with $7 per month and no annual fee.
  • A non-refundable $25 fee for one-time application.